Editor hits 10,000 article milestone

Milica doesn't know I'm publishing this, but I couldn't resist! Over this past weekend, our devoted Editor-In-Chief hit a major milestone when her 10,000th article was published on this web site.

Back in 2002, I (Justin) decided to create an SCA-focused newswire largely because I wanted the technical challenge of writing the software to run the site. Milica, in a moment of foolish volunteerism, said she wouldn't mind helping out "occasionally" with "a little bit" of the editing.

My, how times have changed. We no longer run the original software I wrote for the site, because I found that Drupal could do the job a lot better and with a lot less work on my part (so I now I contribute to their project instead of going it alone).

As for Milica's occasional editorial help, this weekend marked her ten thousandth article on the site. That's an average of well over one thousand articles per year, about three per day, seven days a week. She spends more than a full workday equivalent every single week -- except during Pennsic -- scouring the Kingdom lists and a number of non-SCA history email lists and blogs for the news. Sometimes our readers send us a bare web link of interest, and Milica spins it into an original synopsis for our newswire. Often, the task at hand is editing and formatting an online event notice or official announcement from the SCA Inc.

Milica herself is too modest to call attention to this milestone, so I took the liberty of doing this article without telling her. For anyone who reads and enjoys, Magistrissa Milica of Varna is the lady who brings you the news, day after day, for over seven years and over ten thousand stories.

Thanks, Milica, from your loving husband, Justin.

Hip hip hooray!

You guys are awesome!!!

 Huzzah! What dedication!

 Huzzah! What dedication!