[ART] Tour of the Iberian Peninsula

As winter recedes and Artemisia welcomes the new and glorious Monarchs from the Northern lands, our thoughts turn to exploration.

On the 15th day of May the Barony of Arn Hold hosts a Tour of the Iberian Peninsula. As part of the festivities we will be holding a Late period Spanish feast of five removes.

In light of the economic condition of the lands that we live in, and the generosity of some Merchants in the Barony of Arn Hold, the feast fee has been changed to $7 per person.

Reservation deadline for payment is May 7, 2010.

For allergen and dietary concerns please contact Baroness Jofrior Connersdattir
For Reservations Contact HL Susana de el Castillo


Eagle Island State Park
Eagle, ID 83616

(Easiest, not necessarily quickest/fastest)
Take your best route to I-84 and Eagle Road/ID-55 (Exit 46). Travel 6.3 miles north on Eagle Road/ID-55 to State Street/ID-44. Turn left on State Street/ID-44, and travel 3 miles west to Linder Road. Turn left on Linder Road, and travel south 0.6 miles to Hatchery Road. Turn left on Hatchery Road and travel east 0.5 miles to the park entrance.

Fees and Particulars

  • Eagle Island is a State Park. There is a mandatory park admission fee of $5.00 per vehicle. It is suggested that you carpool for maximum savings.
  • Event admission is $4.00 per person age 12 and over. Children under 12 are free.
  • Non-members will be charged a $3.00 non-member fee, in accordance with SCA policy.
  • Site fee includes a mid-day meal of traditional Basque food.
  • Site is damp (beer/wine in period containers).
  • A feast featuring food from the Iberian peninsula is available for $7.00 per person age 12 and over. Children under 12 eat free. Off-board seating is available.