[MER] Silver Star Tourney

The stars predict that you will join us for Silver Star Tourney and that you just might win the Silver Star Open A&S Faire!

The theme for this open A&S Faire event is "Celestial" - entries that look to the stars and the heavens, from embroidery or leathercraft based on constellations to research concerning medieval astronomy; the sky's the limit. All categories are welcome in this astronomical arts and stellar sciences faire. The judging will consist of populace choice voting in two fields: general entries and entries that accompany the theme of the faire.

Required documentation is on a 3 x 5 card and additional documentation is

This event is held on May 7-9 the same weekend that would have been May Tourney.  Please come on down and visit our Shire for this the first Silver Star Tourney.

Site:  Booker T. Washington State Park
Chattanooga, TN