Shava's Gulf Wars bardic project

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva of the Kingdom of Northshield reports that she will be creating video of bardic performances at the upcoming Gulf Wars.

Shava writes:

Greetings to the Bards of the Knowne World unto who these words come-

By now, you have probably figured out about my "little" project of videoing bardic performances and posting them on youtube. Just in case you've missed the background on this, here's a bit of it in a nutshell. I started this project at Gulf Wars last year after getting a small Flip video camera. My
first attempts were pieces by Don Mateo (Northshield/Ansteorra), Master Garraed (Ealdormere/An Tir), and Dame Eilidh (Caid). They're not great art
but they can help serve as an video/oral history. I would like to try to catch a bard or two whenever possible. Especially doing their iconic pieces.
Or stuff they want to show off. I will remove anything at any time I am asked. I will add any credit lines (or even links to websites) that anyone asks me to. I have about 160 of these videos posted so far with Northshield, Midrealm, East, Calontir, Ansteorra, Ealdormere, An Tir, and Caid bards represented thus far.

I will be at Gulf Wars again this year and would really love to add a lot more to this collection. I have a bit better camera now (still kind of a
stealth camera) that is doing pretty well with this project. I will be on site all week until Saturday midday, staying in a travel trailer in the RV
area, but almost any Northshielder can probably help you find me. I will be at the Green Dragon whenever possible and at the bardic competition. If you don't want to be on youtube(either before or after you have performed, just let me know. I will try to keep a notebook with me so I can record your information and get the credits as right as I can online.

So, come seek me out if you want to sing or tell a story or something like that for the camera. We will try to find a corner, with or without an
audience or backup singers. All up to you.

Feel free to spread the word on this since I would love to do this for bards in every kingdom of the Knowne World.


I remain, in service to the Northshield, our Society, and most of all, to the populace~~

Elashava bas Riva, CL, CP,