[ART] Middle Eastern 2010

A pale moon rises over the desert sands as a rider gallops into the night. Far behind him a cry rises from the royal stables as his work has been discovered. Beneath the thief the Sultan's prized stallion snorts as the robber spurs him on towards a maze of desert cliffs and canyons.

Will the prized stallion be lost in the hinterlands of Artemisia? Will the thief ride free? The Incipient Riding of Redbridge invites you to follow the horse thief's trail and join them for Middle Eastern.

May 7th-9th in Moab, UT. at Kane Springs Campground

Once again we will be camping along the shores of the stunning Colorado River enjoying weekend of middle eastern fun. Come participate in fighting, dancing, singing, and a whole lot more.

Planned Activities Include:

  • Heavy Fighters Horse Thief Battle Scenarios
  • Rapier 40 Thieves Prize Tourney
  • Middle Eastern A&S Classes
  • A Thrown Weapons Tourney
  • Saturday Evening Hafla
  • Camel Rides?

Site Fee: $16 for Members $8 For Children $46
Day Trip for $10
There is a $3 surcharge for Non-members.
Showers are available on-site for an additional fee.
Fires are permitted on site. The site is damp however please dispose of
glass bottles appropriately.
For more information about activities and rules for the event visit
arrows-flight.org or afmew.blogspot.com For information and rules about the
site visit kanesprings.com

Directions: Take Your most convenient Path to Moab Utah Once in town travel
along the Route 191 until you reach Kane Springs Blvd.(Between Burger King
and Mcdonalds) Turn west onto Kane Springs Blvd and follow for approximately
4 miles until you reach Kanesprings Campground on the right side of the