Innilgard Winter A&S Collegium Photos & Class Notes on CD

Lady Katerina da Brescia has announced that a CD containing photos and class notes from the second Innilgard Winter A&S Collegium in the Kingdom of Lochac is now available on CD. Lady Katerina writes:


Due to Australia Posts more recent price hikes for packages... postage in Australia will be $4 (I am sorry).

For other Kingdoms, I will need to check postage)


The 2nd Innilgard Winter A&S Collegium CD is now available for you to own! Like last year, this is a compilation of many of the class notes, photos of classes and A&S Display, with some extras from previous collegia. Yours for just $7 + $4 postage! (Australian Dollars) (note change sorry)

Class notes include:

* 15thC Flemish women's clothing,
* 15thC English decorative cord,
* Corded corsets, Early russian garb,
* Elizabethan Heraldry,
* Flowers by Formula (scribes),
* Freehand Blackwork,
* Hair raising with Lucrezia,
* 1300's Headwear,
* The Herbal Garden,
* Ink Making,
* Liqueurs for beginners,
* Hair netting,
* On Your Head - Cauls,
* Period Buttons,
* Quill making,
* Rapier Garb,
* Researching 16thC garb,
* Making Tassels,

Bonus Extras: Elizabethan Corsets (2002), Hair & headwear (1999), Innilgard's 10th Anniversary play, Jack and the Duck mpg, Innilgard History Pics....

Formats on the CD: html, pdf, mpg (autorun on IBM compatible, no autorun on Mac)

Order yours now!

Orders taken with payment:

Cheques payable to K Carlisle

Post to PO Box 1137 Golden Grove SA 5125

All profits go towards next years A&S Collegium to fly in a Laurel (if you are interested in coming contact our current A&S Officer and Collegium autocrat for next year: Vicountessa Lucrezia at )

I will be bringing Collegium CD's to events . I am attending 12th night this year. I am also intending on attending Festival. If you let me know you want one, then I will definately make sure I brign one specically for you.

Yours in Service,

Lady Katerina da Brescia