[GLE] Coronation

Let the banners fly high and proud! Come, one and all to celebrate the coronation of Jon and Beatrix.

April 9-11, 2010
Camp Clearfork, Hot Springs, AR
As guests of the Barony of Small Gray Bear

Witness all the pageantry and beauty that this Kingdom can muster in a grand
display! Awe Hail!

Lady Elaina the Merchant

Lady Cairistiona Symon

THL Katryne MacIntosh the Strange


Adult $22.00 Cabin & Tenting
Child $10.00 Cabin & Tenting


Adult - $10.00
Child - $5.00

Add $5 for feast.
Non-members please pay an additional $3 surcharge.
Early Bird special - discount until 3/15/10 - $5.00

Please note that accordance with Kingdom Law, no family shall pay a site fee higher than three adult member prices for admission to an event as long as the children involved are all less than 15 years of age and have memberships. Also per Kingdom Law, children that do not come with their legal guardian need to have the notarized Designated Adult forms (available at the Kingdom Website) at Troll.

Reservations may be sent to:
Barony of Small Gray Bear
Attn: Coronation
PO Box 21636
Little Rock, AR 72221

Please make checks payable to SCA Inc., Barony of Small Gray Bear

Cash only at the door.

Directions:Take US-270. Turn left onto the US-270/US-70 ramp. Keep right at the fork to continue toward US-270 W/US-70 W and merge onto US-270 W/US-70 W. Take the US-270 exit toward Mount Ida. Keep right at the fork to continue toward Albert Pike Rd/US-270 and merge onto Albert Pike Rd/US-270. Continue on W/US-70 for 14 miles. Pass Crystal Springs. Look for a National Forest Service Sign on your left with "Camp Clearfork" next to an open gate. Turn left onto gate. Continue on dirt road for 3/4 mile to the campsite.