[NOR] Border Skirmish

Border Skirmish 2010 is once again, just on the horizon and hosted by the colaboration of the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr and Shire of Raveslake at beautiful Simmons Island Park, June 11th - June 13th!

The drums of war can be heard beating in the distance, as we look towards the days we will join together in battle at Pennsic, but first... its time to have fun by the beach and fight-fight-fight, learn, shop, dance, laugh, teach, and EAT! This year's event shall prove to be LOADED with fun as we provide more fighting that you can shake a stick at, wonderful classes to take, intriguing merchants to spend your coins with, youth activities to keep them occupied and happy, Arts and Sciences, our traditional pot luck feast (bring your own meat and a dish to pass. Grills and baked potatoes with the fixings will be provided), and this year the Griffon and Dragon Tavern will providing their tastiest treats to satisfy your cravings throughout the day... and much more!

This is a camping event in a beautiful location (same as last year) with an up close and personal view of Kenosha's lake front and beach!  The days are wonderful, the night's a little cooler... and a whole lot of fun! The site opens at noon on July 11th, and closes at 2pm on July 13th.   The fees for this year's event are:

Tent Fee, Per Person: $5.00 (if you sleep in it, its considered a "tent")
Adult (camping): $14.00
Adult (Day Only): $7.00
Student, & Seniors, 55+ (camping): $10.00
Students, & Seniors, 55+ (Day Only): $7.00
Youth (camping): $7.00
Youth (Day only): $3.00
Children Under Age 5: Free
Merchant Space: $10.00

Pre-registration is now being accepted for general populace, and mechant pre-registration will open on March 9th (see Merchant Coordinator info below and/or website).

The website will be live and active in the next day or two, if not already active, and the more helping hands we can get, the light the work load... so if you are interested in volunteering a small amount of your time and having fun at the same time.... please take a look at our website and feel free to contact me directly if you are interested at sigrid@wi.rr.com.

For General Populace Pre-Registration:
Lord Jean du Mal Chance (CAM) - jonrugby@hotmail.com

For Merchant Fees and Space Pre-Registrations:
Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville (CAM) - tatianam@ameritech.net (will be out of town until after March 8th) (*Remember-- Payment for all fees and all required forms must be sent in together to be considered "pre-registered")

Event Co-Steward CAM:
Lady Sigrid av Uppsala (CAM) - sigrid@wi.rr.com

Event Co-Steward for Ravenslake:
Lady Calybrid Ine Tere (RL) - calybrid@gmail.com

For Pot Luck Feast Coordinator/Proprietress of the Griffon & Dragon Tavern:
Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville (CAM) - tatianam@ameritech.net