[OUT] Something Yummier

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the kitchen at events?  Ever wanted
to try your hand at “authentic” food?  This is the place to start.  Some of
our most notable cooks have agreed to come and share their knowledge.  Come
prepared to enjoy a day of learning, and food.

Something Yummier
A Cooking Collegium concentrating on the Middle East
April 24, 2010
Shire of Windkeep, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Eagles Lodge 1600 Thomes Ave, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009

Site opens 10 AM closes 10 PM

Site is wet, cash bar only, no pets, service animals permitted.

Event  fee $10 ages 10 and up, 9 and under free Family cap $30.  $3 non-member surcharge applies.

There will be a sideboard of delectable things to sample during the day. The evening repast will consist of what the cooks have made during the day, and have brought to share.  Bring your drums, bells, and enthusiasm.

Are you a combat cook?  Curious to see if you COULD be?  There is a space for three teams (two person minimum) in the afternoon to come up with a middle eastern dish from surprise ingredients.  Contact Mistress Aldyth before April  16 to reserve your spot.

At press time we have cheese classes, bread classes, personae classes, dancing classes, kosher classes.  Oh, and cooking classes.  Recognizing and tasting spices.

See Windkeep.net for the latest class schedule.  If Their Majesties so wish,
court will be held.

Send your paid reservations to the class coordinator.  Reservations must be
in by April 16 to assure cooking classes have enough supplies.

Class Coordinator: Mistress Aldyth Trefaldwyn