[ATE] Bacchanal

The College of Brymstonne once again cordially invites one and all to don their togas, find their fibulas, tie-on their chitons and join us for a day of revelry, games, food, and fun!

Upon your arrival you will be conscripted into either the Greek or the Trojan legions. The afternoon will be filled with field competitions and table games as well as a variety of other diversions. Throughout this past year we have been working hard training in the Brymstonne Stables. Our steeds are ready and eager to run in Brymstonne's Chariot Races! So come enjoy this sport! The day's diversions will be concluded with a battle between the opposing armies – for all who wish to participate (water and missile weapons provided depending on weather, otherwise alternative weapons will be used.). Prizes will be awarded to the victorious and fortunate. The site will open at noon – picnic lunches welcome! The site will close at 6pm. The event will be held at Hollis Park 3424 S Kenneth PL. Tempe, AZ located in Tempe on April 10, 2010. Site fee is $3 for adult members, $6 for adult non-members, 18 and under are free. Bring blankets if you wish to lounge on the ground or chairs if you prefer upright seating.

Brymstonne will also be having it world famous feast!  The Feast Coordinator for this event is Lady Freydis in Kyrra Alfarinsdottir. The meal will be served buffet-style, and there will be a limited number of feast spots available the day of the event. If you have any questions about the feast please contact the feast coordinator at sharrie85211@yahoo.com.

Feast will be $7 for adults and $4 for Youth and must be prepaid by Saturday, March 27th, 2010.  Please mail checks (made out to "SCA – College of Brymstonne") to Lady Kateryn Treningham (lesa@bornost.com). Please include a list name of those being paid for and designate Adult or Youth next to the name.

Master Ritchyrd McUath, OP (Ritchyrd Handley). E-mail: saile_weep@hotmail.com

Lady Asha Vati (Jamie Sue Bennett) E-mail: jayzucat@yahoo.com