[ATL] Southern Atlantian Archery Day

Hurry and send your reservations for Southern Atlantian Archery Day. Checks to SCA Inc., Canton of Crois Brigte.

April 23, 24 & 25 , 2010
At the scenic Elchenburg Castle, 2239 Center Road Boonville NC 27011
Target Archery :  We'll start Friday with an illuminated night shoot. Saturday morning we begin 9:30 sharp with a group clout followed by various moving and static shooting stations.  ALL NEW! The woods walk will be set by Wolfgang Hathbark, the devil who brought you the windmill and double pendulum at previous SAADs. (I hate him.) Prizes for highest score of the day, all skill levels of archery, youth prizes, prizes for atlatl and a few random prizes.
Something New!  A Siege Engine station will be set up, for fun and learning if you want to fling something besides arrows and atlatl. AND, we will have a  Combat Archery only, castle battle Sat. afternoon. (If enough CAs show up.)
Cost: $13.00 per person, kids under 17 are $6.00. $3.00 surcharge for non-members. Fee includes camping.  Porta Castles, flushies and showers on site.
Food:  Gate fee includes Saturday day-board. Friday evening Wayfarers Dinner will be offered as a fund raiser for a very reasonable price. Other food is available nearby in the towns of Yadkinville and Elkin.  Saturday evening, we invite you to an event wide pot luck.  Basics provided (dogs, burgers, plates, etc.) but please bring a side dish to share.  It doesn't have to be fancy, just yummy.
Reservations: Get reservations in by April 1st & be entered to win one of SIX handmade door prizes. Reservations go to Davina.
Please direct questions to the Autocrat: Tim Arrowfinder at Kincaid41@aol.com or MIC: THL Lorelei Greenleaf at LoreleiElkins@aol.com 

(Wet site. Animals on leash ok.)
There is nothing on  your schedule more important than coming to SAAD 2010