Drachenwald backlog scrolls in search of rightful homes

HL Aryanhwy ferch Catmael, deputy to Drachenwald's signet, has recently scanned all the outstanding completed backlog scrolls held by the Signet. (photos)

They are now posted to the Flickr website, under the name drachenwaldbacklog. These are scrolls in search of their permanent homes, as their recipients have either moved away, or have fallen out of the active Society.

In Drachenwald, each scroll is an original piece of art - no photocopies, no promissory notes.

Somewhere in the Known World, many worthy folk received an honour from the hand of the crown (and sometimes the Principality coronet) of Drachenwald, but did not receive a scroll at the time. Many of these scrolls are for the Popular Company of  Soujourners, the award given to those who must depart Drachenwald to the lands beyond. Recipients may now live in any of the other Laurel kingdoms. 

But that scroll may be complete, waiting for its owner to claim it.

If you, or someone you know, ever lived and played in Drachenwald, and received recognition from these lands, I urge you to take a look at the astonishing gallery of art. 

You may be able to help the signet to find the rightful homes for these beautiful works, crafted with care and thoughtfulness by the scribes of Drachenwald.

Any assistance is gratefully received.

Your servant

Genevieve la flechiere

Insulae Draconis signet