Shava presents photos and videos from Bardic Madness

Elashava bas Riva has posted an extensive photo collection and video album from the recent Bardic Madness event held in the Barony of Windhaven in Northshield.

Bardic Madness, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, returned to the locale in which it was first held. Shava describes the event thusly: "Bardic Madness has really, really become one of my favourite events of all time. Someone asked me this morning what it was (he is really new to the Society). My description to him was: Bardic Madness is a day of song, story, poem & music--done as challenges but not competitions. The challenge is to enter. They each have a theme--but themes can be stretched.It's considered a 'Bardic Safe Zone' because no one is expected to be perfect. Newcomers are welcomed. No harsh criticism, much less any criticism, is allowed."

The photo album includes hundreds of pictures of performers and candid photos of attendees. The video album, as of this writing, is only partially populated, and Shava says there will be additional videos posted soon.

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