[EAS] Baronial Investiture Anniversary

Join us this day in our quest to find the Heart of the Court. Inspiration, Love, Chivalry, Courtesy, Honor, and Passion all reside in the heart of the Dragon. We will celebrate not only those ideals we hold dear, but also the happy occasion of the Anniversary of our Baronial Investiture.

The members of our fair barony will share in our talents so that all may be prepared to find that elusive Heart. We will provide you with the history of a sonnet and the instructions on how to best compose your heart's desires. We provide materials and instructions on how to make a favor that could be gifted to another who inspires you. We will teach your feet the steps to follow in order to gracefully lead another in a courtly dance. We will provide you the history of courtly love and comportment so that your actions may show one and all where your heart lies. His Excellency Pellandes dit le Frere shall award this auspicious honor during feast and all should note that is one's overall actions throughout the day shall be watched and weighed to see who indeed worthy of holding the Heart of the Court in their hands.

Lucky are we indeed, for running in tandem with the activities to decided the Heart of the Court, we will also be able to watch the competitions that will decide our new Baronial Rapier and A&S Champions. Our outgoing champions have been working hard to ensure the competitions are both challenging to the competitors and engaging for the populace lucky enough to view these tournaments.

Finally, the di Bruno Trading Emporium recognizes that tokens of love are vital to any day that celebrates the heart of the court. Not being ones to pass up an economically advantageous opportunity, for a most modest fee, they will assist you in celebrating by sending a token of your admiration to the object of your desire. Chocolate covered strawberries will be available at the price of $1.00 each and Flowers will be available for $2.00 each. As an added bonus you may choose to deliver the token by your own hands, or by one of our runners with an anonymous message. All proceeds from this activity will go towards the Tir Mara Royal Travel Fund.

We look forward to welcoming you to our fair lands and sharing in our celebration

Group: Barony of l'Ile du Dragon Dormant
Site Name: Centre Communautaire Paul-Émile-Lépine
Street Address: 150 Perrot Blvd
City: L’Île-Perrot
Province: Quebec
Postal Code: J7V 3G1


From Downtown Area of Montreal:

* Find your best route to Autoroute 20 West

* Cross the Galipeault Bridge onto Île-Perrot

* At first traffic light, turn LEFT onto Perrot Blvd.

* Follow Perrot Blvd until 10th Ave. The entrance to the Community Centre's parking lot is to the immediate RIGHT.

Site Opens At: 10am

Site Closes At: 10pm

Site fees and reservation deadline:

Onboard: $20.00

Children under 5: Free

Family: $50.00

Offboard: $12.00

Children under 5: Free

Family: $35.00

A $3.00 NMS fee will be charged to anyone not able to produce proof of membership at the door.

On-board attendance will be limited to 60 persons; however, there will a designated area for off-board seating available at the back of the hall. Reservations for the event should be received by Friday Feb 26th 2010; following that date no guarantee can be made as to the availability of space for feast at the door.

Reservations must include the full legal name of each person for whom a reservation is being made, their membership number and expiry date if they are a member. American funds will be accepted at the door from those traveling from away.

 **Please note that the only good Reservation is a paid one.**

Checks made payable to: SCA Inc - Ile du Dragon Dormant

Reservations sent to: dragonlily3@wolfstar.ca

Please put "BIA Reservation" in the Subject line

Autocrat contact information: tigger@wolfstar.ca

Additional contact information (merchants, children's activities, etc.)

Anyone interested in Merchanting should contact the autocrat.