[LOC] Crescent Fence

Crescent Fence 2010: June 5-7, Auckland, NZ Three days of fencing in the Barony of Ildhafn!

Friday night (June 4th): and informal meet-and-greet - know your enemy.
Saturday: classes, all day long, at the Horticultural Society Rooms. A range of classes on all of the arts pertaining to fencing, beginning with the most important of all - "how not to damage yourself", from our very own physio.

Saturday evening: a revel, for fencers and non-fencers alike, at the same location. Food, games, music and merriment.

Sunday: Tournament Day! Test your mettle against the fencers of the Crescent Isles, and test what you learned in Saturday's classes.

Monday (public holiday in NZ): one-on-one sessions with our Dons, for those hardy souls who just can't get enough. One-on-one sessions also with our Tailors, for those who realise that good fencers are stylish fencers . . .

Price details will appear (by email and on the Ildhafn website) and bookings will open on the 10th of March. There is no on-site accommodation, but we can arrange billeting and transport for a limited number of travellers: get in early for the comfiest couch!