[ATE] Mixed Weapons War

Did Estrella War leave you craving more combat? Are you ready for more fun? Join us at Mixed Weapons War - March 26-28!

Saturday court will begin roughly around 9 a.m. to start the festivities. There will be plenty of Armored Combat, Rapier Combat, Youth Combat, and Archery. We will welcome back CinderGepa with her Combat Stitchery. Along with the traditional Pot-Luck Feast at 5 p.m.

The Kon Hawke Auction will be on Sunday morning, March 28th. A lottery will be held to randomly select fighters for the live auction. Non-selected entries will be in the silent auction. All entries will compete in the tourney.

At 8 p.m. the Barony will be defending the title of "League Champions" in our annual torchlight "Jugger Tourney". Between rounds of the tourney, bards are invited to perform pieces for the populous.

Sunday morning "House Manor Rose" will be sponsoring their delicious pancake breakfast. Court will follow around 9 a.m. with our annual Kon Hawke tourney to follow.

Where will this fun be? Schnepf Farms - 24810 S. Rittenhouse Road Queen Creek, AZ 85242

Directions from West Phoenix : Schnepf Farm is 35 miles from downtown Phoenix. Take I-60 to Ellsworth. Right on Ellsworth. Continue south to Rittenhouse road. Left on Rittenhouse as it curves around to farm on the right hand side.

Site will open at 3 pm on Friday and closes on Sunday at 6 pm. Site fee is $10.00 for adults. Youth 17 and younger are free. As always, there is a $3.00 surcharge for non-members.

The Site is wet and pets must be on leashes. SCA curfew rules will be enforced. There is a 10pm noise ordinance for loud music (including drumming). Above ground fire pits must be a minimum of 12 inches above ground with a ground shield. Fire extinguishers are required for all tents.

RV hookups are on a first come first served basis, and it's self check in. Mr. Schnepf estimates 18 full hook-up sites available.

Event Coordinators: Lord Yngvarr Ottoson - jkahler76@yahoo.com
Lord Liam MacColum - Liam_602@yahoo.com

Combat Stitchery: A Call for Help!

Alas dear friends, I am, once again in need of your assistance. It doth seem that my estate is under siege, my jewels and clothing plundered, my water source has been poisoned and my food cellar is nearly depleted. I send this, my last hope, my dear messenger forward to bear witness to my need.

Just outside my door for these last months has been my foe, my cousin, has ravaged my countryside, destroyed my fields and has eaten my stock. My people live in fear of the rogue and I am not able to defeat him alone. The villain had waited until he thought that all the king's men were off to the war at Estrella.

I do have a plan, if you will assist me. Please, make yourselves known at Empty Acres where he can see you and your army awaiting my signal. With the materials you secretly pass to my good stewards and fair chatelaines I will be able to bluff my way through treaty negotiations. The good people who I have come to know and care deeply for, have offered to make clothing from the remnants we have managed to salvage from the fire and smoke that have prevailed these many nights. With the right clothes I could fool our foe into thinking that his efforts have had no effect upon us.

What say you?

Will you send us the means to make good upon my plan?

Come find me at Mixed Weapons War's beginning court. There we will have supplies you need to clothing fit for a treaty. (material, thread, lace, trim, buttons, etc. etc.)

And come Mixed Weapons War, bring your own team of tailors and seamsters or join one on site. We need people who are willing to sew a garment with what we have available.