[OUT] Princesses Protector Tournament

At the Request of Her Royal Majesty a Rapier Tournament will be held the Sunday of Crown Tournament weekend.

Rapier Fighters of the Outlands, Her Royal Majesty Anna calls on you to come to the aid of the next Royal Princess. 

On Sunday March 14th, starting at 10 AM in Chelwood Park, 13205 Fruit NE, in the Barony of al-Barran a tournament will be held to determine the first Princesses Protector.  This is the Sunday after Crown Tournament is held in the same park as Crown Tournament is held. 

The Princesses Protector is a new working retinue position that is designed to assist the Princess during the 2 months prior to Coronation.  This includes acting as a guard and advisor as she prepares for assuming her role as the New Queen.  Being present at as many of the events with the Princess as possible is greatly desired.

I urge everyone to come out and fight for this new position but be aware that there are responsibilities that must be met if you win.  Please think about if you can fulfill these responsibilities prior to signing up on the list.