Lochac World Domination Plans Revealed?

Intelligence sources have alerted the rest of the Knowne Worlde to the latest covert efforts by Lochac agents to achieve world domination. Led by highly trained operatives, mainly from the small Canton of Krae Glas in the sleepy suburban sprawl to the south-east of the Barony of Stormhold, Lochac is poised to completely surround the 15 centrally-based sovereign Kingdoms of the Knowne Worlde by controlling the two kingdoms to either side.

In Lochac, Krae Glas will host the Coronation of Aedward and Yolande on January 3. On the far side of the central kingdoms, in Drachenwald, Elfinn (famous Lochacian in exile) and Signy will be crowned that same day at Caerphilly Castle in Wales. It cannot be a coincidence that Their Coronation will feature two Krae Glas representatives in the stewarding team, with THL Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale feast stewarding, and Lady Siban nic Ghiolla Phadraig being the bookings steward. Many denizens of the SCA will be subjected to vegemite, decent beer, and cricket score updates for up to 6 months before their will be any chance of surcease.

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To whoever posted this story

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