Medieval Myths panel discussion on CalonSound

Mathurin Kerbusso reports that a podcast of a panel discussion entitled Dispelling Medieval Myths, which was presented at the recent Medieval Mindset RUSH in the Kingdom of Calontir, is now available in the CalonSound Project archives.

From the introduction:

This was a round table discussion titled "Dispelling Medieval Myths" that took place at the Medieval Mindset RUSH in the Shire of Amelesmore, Kingdom of Calontir, February 20, 2010 AS XLIV. The panel consisted of: THL Suzanne de la Ferte, Ms. Gwen A'Brooke, Ld. Ulfr Thyrsion, THL Rhodri ap Hywel, HE Katrine Thorroffsdottir, Ms. Agnes de Lanvallei, THL EllaAnne de Kari, HE Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon, Ly. Viviana Rowe, THL Lorraine Devereaux. There was also considerable audience involvement.