William and Æringunnr first Prince and Princess of Insulae Draconis

Nerissa de Saye reports that Sir William MacBrennan, fighting for his lady wife Mistress Æringunnr Yrsudóttir, was the winner of the first Coronet Tournament in the new Principality of Insulae Draconis.

Sir William defeated Sir Vitus Polonius, fighting for Duchessa Alessandra Melusine Mantegna, in the final of the Tournament.

Their Excellencies are from the Shire of Harpelstane.


Crown Principality?

I could be mistaken (likely am), but I thought they were a Crown Principality before, and were switching to a regular Principality?  I'm just curious as to what the status change was :)


In any case, congratulations to all involved, it sounds like a magic moment and once in a lifetime event!

Entirely possible

We rechecked the original message we received, and Crown Principality was the wording it used. The official web site still says "Crown Principality" also, but then distinguishes between Viceregals and Prince/Princess as being a distinction between Crown and regular Principality. We're not sure which is correct now, in light of that. Perhaps one of our readers who lives in the area could check, and let us know for sure? Thanks.


Now a full principality

This was the first Coronet tournament, and with Sir William and Mistress AEringunnr's win, they become the first prince and princess of a now-full-status Principality of Insulae Draconis.

It was a joyous occasion, as much preparation had gone into bringing the region to this point, after 6 years as a crown principality.

The tournament was well attended, hard-fought, and the finals were clean, swift and decisive.

Your servant,

Genevieve la flechiere

Insulae Draconis signet, and pleased witness

Thanks for confirming

I have made the correction in the article. Congratulations to the Prince, Princess, and populace!