[EAL] Break The Back of Winter 20

Come One Come All!   The purple shores of Greyfells will resound with the sounds of music, stories and song!

Welcome to Break The Back of Winter 20: Song For a Winter’s Night!
This year we come together around the fires of friendship to share the bardic and sage arts of song, music, history and storytelling.  Come to listen, come to learn, and come to perform!

Date: March 20, 2010 10am -10pm
There will be rapier and heavy fighting (Heavy fighting will take place outside if weather permits and indoors if it is inclimate).

There will also be classes to be announced soon! TEACHERS ARE STILL NEEDED!! If you are a bard, historian, or performer and wish to share your passion please feel free to contact the seneschal about teaching a class!

There will also be another Blind A&S competition!  For those who couldn’t make it last year the rules are simple, bring in a project that you wish to have in the competition.  The project must not be labelled in any way with your name or makers mark.  Projects will be judged on two levels.  First projects will be determined to be one of three levels: novice (first time or just starting), intermediate (practiced and or well versed), or advanced (potential/actual laurel material). Then projects within each level will be judged on a scale from 1-10.

Site:       Adults = 10$ (includes kingdom tax)
Children = 5$
Feast:    Adults = 15$
Children = 5$
Contact information for Reservations, questions or To teach or Merchant!
Lady Moira ni Namara of Greyfells

Take your best way to highway 401.  Proceed towards Kingston (west from Ottawa, east from Toronto).  Follow to the Sir John A Macdonald Exit 615.  Follow Sir John A Macdonald Blvd just past Princess St. and St. Margaret’s United Church is on the Right.  Parking is in the back and the entrance is on the side.