[ART] Loch Salann Defender Tourney

As the season changes, bringing forth new life, rumors fill the air that a huge, slimy, multi-limbed creature is roaming our fair lands. This can mean only one thing... the salt encrusted deamon decapod has returned from the depths of the murky salt water it calls home.

Hear now the call to all those that love this land, and any that consider themselves our friends. Come join us to defeat this creature and to save our land, our families, and homes from this dreadful peril ! ! !

So, bring your swords, shields, bows, arrows, axes, and knives for there will be tournaments to see who will be our worthy defenders. The heavy tournament will be held in two parts. The first will be a William Marshal tourney in which each participant will receive five coins for their ransom. With each loss, the combatant will give up one of their ransom coins until there is no more ransom. The combatant with the most ransom wins. The second tourney will be a single elimination tournament – in addition, the duelists tournament calls upon all worthy fighters to the field to see who the champion will be. The first defenders to face the slimy beast will be the archers and thrown weapons forces as it approaches our fair lands. Tournaments will be held to determine who shall be the defending champions for the Barony and drive the beast back into its lair.

To celebrate our anticipated victory an Arts and Science Championship will be held to select the Baronial Champion for the next year. A minimum of three and maximum of five documented entries are requested from each participant to demonstrate their expertise. The requirements may be found on the baronial arts & sciences competition requirements page. 

Mistress Casamira and the Cooks Guild will prepare a Feast to celebrate the occasion. Please contact Casamira for more details (jeannecas at gmail dot com). Feast is limited to the first 80 paid reservations. Any special accommodations for the Feast will need to be requested by February 28th. For each reservation, please send a list including modern and SCA names for each individual, as well as ages of any children. If you wish to receive confirmation, please include a SASE or email address. Off board seating may be available, if you are interested please contact the autocrat in advance so the arrangements may be made. If you’re interested in the Feast, please send your reservations payable to the Barony of Loch Salann, SCA Inc., to the Exchequer, Lady Victoria.

The event will take place a St. James Episcopal Church located at 7486 Union Park Avenue, Midvale, Utah. The site is damp and will be open at 10:00 am and close at 10:00 pm.

Directions: Take your best route to the south interchange of I-15 and I-215 in Salt Lake City. Take I-15 exit 298. Go east on I-215 (towards the ski areas). Take the exit for Union Park (I-215 exit 9). Go south on Union Park for approximately 1 ½ miles. The church will be on your right (there is an IHOP restaurant across the street).

Site Fees: Adult 16 and over - $6.00, Youth 6 – 15 - $3.00, Family cap for immediate family members only - $18.00, children 5 and under are guests of the Barony. A $3.00 non-member surcharge will be added as per SCA rules. Site fee includes midday refreshments.

Feast Fees: Adult 12 and over - $7.00, Youth 6 – 11 - $4.00, children 5 and under are guests of the Barony.

Autocrat: Sir Bohun the Black Bowen_the_black at yahoo dot com