"Suburban Knights: A return to the Middle Ages" on sale now

Author and photographer E. F. Kitchen has produced a new book on the Society for Creative Anachronism entitled Suburban Knights: A return to the Middle Ages.

The author writes:

Coming to a bookstore near you is a photography album featuring fighters
from the SCA.  See the press release and link for full information and to
pre-order.  Feel free to forward this to friends and lists.

Suburban Knights: A return to the Middle Ages by EF Kitchen

From 2003 to 2005, I photographed and interviewed heavyweight fighters from
the SCA on location at the sites where they reenact various battle
scenarios. I present them to you here under their SCA names and personas

Like my subjects, many of whom make their battle armor by hand over hundreds
of hours, I am using an antiquated creative process as an alternative to the
high-speed consumption and production of the present. Both my photographic
process and my subjects' activities are anachronistic, all of us looking to
the past for something missing from the present.

Warriors are icons for an idealistic code of behavior that we can recall
with affectionate myopia-their faults forgotten, virtues exaggerated.
Fascinated by their power, ethics, and formidable attire, these present-day
suburban knights are trying to emulate them; my work is to try to understand
their quixotic tendencies and to capture some of that mystique.

To create the images, I used a large-format 8 x 10 camera and then made
custom platinum prints from the original negatives. I chose antique
photographic equipment and an archival printing method to achieve a look
that would be impossible to create using a modern, point-and-shoot camera:
the antique lenses have defects that make the images unique, and the
platinum prints evoke a certain timelessness with their exceptional detail
and rich, expanded tonal scale.

-E. F. Kitchen