British Businessman to Lead Archers in Second Battle of Agincourt

Don Baggs, an amateur historian from Monmouth, south Wales, wants to disrupt plans to build a windfarm near the site of the Battle of Agincourt by leading his own army of archers. "Welsh archers played a major role in the original battle and there is already huge support for this in Monmouth and the surrounding area," said Don Baggs, Welsh historian, about his plan to lead an army of archers against a French windfarm.

Baggs' plan is being dubbed the "Second Battle of Agincourt" and is being fought mainly by e-mail so far. He claims to have support from Britain, America and elsewhere in Europe.

The French government plans to construct four 459 ft. wind turbines near the site of Henry V's defeat of the French in 1415. The flatness of the area is attractive for this type of energy but critics claim that it would destroy the ambience of the battlefield.

Baggs says, "I have visited Agincourt and stood in the battlefield on a frosty morning and you can almost see 20,000 horsemen coming out of the mist. But the whole area is flat for miles around and a windfarm would destroy the aura that the site most definitely has."

The logistics of raising the army will be almost as monumental as the first Battle of Agincourt, but Don Baggs is confident that he can pull it off.

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