All Roads Lead to Iowa?

The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has brought a little bit of the Roman Empire to their city by hosting Art in Roman Life: Villa To Grave, September 2003-August 2005. The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art is the proud home of the Riley Collection, which consists of Roman busts. In order to expand the Roman experience for the community, an exhibition, Art in Roman Life: Villa To Grave, has been organized and will be on display from September 2003 until August 2005. The exhibit includes more than 200 Etruscan and Roman works borrowed from other museums, including sculpture, coins, frescoes, furniture, glass jewelry, and household items which would have been found in a Roman villa. Another gallery will display sarcophagi, funerary sculpture and cinerary urns.

Combined General Admission/Special Exhibition Fees

* Adults $7.50
* Seniors $6.50
* 18 & under free
* Members $2.00 or Member's Special Exhibit Ticket

For more information, visit the website for an online tour.