DNA may help solve 16th century murder

Gaetano La Fata, Mayor of Carini, Italy, has an extremely cold case on his hands: the murder of Baroness Laura Lanzaand her lover Ludovico Vernagallo, killed in 1563 when caught in bed together.

Rumors have survived for centuries about how the pair were killed and who did the deed. Now the mayor hopes to look at evidence, such as a bloody handprint and DNA, and to use advanced crime technology to solve the centuries-old murder.

"If we are lucky enough to find and identify their bones, it might be possible to verify the cause of death, whether they were run through with a sword or stabbed with a dagger. If there was more than one weapon used, it's likely there was more than one murderer," said Marco Strano, psychologist and criminologist for the Italian State Police.