[DRA] Double Wars XXIII

The Shire of Attemark would once again like to welcome all gentles throughout the Known World to the Double Wars.

As we have done so many times before we will meet upon the field of honor to do battle. It is again time to decide on which side we shall butter our knäckebröd for the coming year.

The shire of Attemark
Principality of Nordmark
Kingdom of Drachenwald
MKA South of Sweden

Tostarpsgårdens Lägerområde, Tyringe Sweden
PL 2883, SE-282 91 Tyringe www.tostarpsgarden.com
Site opens on Friday may 15 at 6 pm and closes at noon on Sunday May 24. Wet site. Pets are not allowed.

Show which side you belong to in the Knäckebröd war by wearing green for the flat side and yellow for the side with holes.

Bengt Knutsson is responsible for the Wars, please contact him if you have any questions or want to help.

The Knäckebröd War will this year be held at Hovdala Castle on the Friday. The area around the Castle will be open to the public and lunch will be served by the Castle this day.