Israeli Group in Need of Fencing Instructor

Yehoshua ben Haym haYerushalmi, Seneschal of the new shire forming in Israel, is seeking help to train fencers in the shire. Yehoshua writes:

My Lords and Ladies,

I am writting in search of help for a new group. We are starting a shire in Israel and so far it is going quite well; however, there are some places we need some help with things.

1) First of all we have a few people who would like to fence and maybe fight. We would be very thankful if a marshal (Or maybe more than one) would be willing to travel to Israel to train a bunch of fencers/fighters. This will require flying to Israel as there is no other way to get here and we as a group do not have money to offer to pay for a plane ticket. We can provide crash space as well as a bit of sightseeing around Israel.

2) If anyone or any group could help us out with some money issues for our next event. We are thinking of renting a school bus to get our people to the event (none of us have cars) and this will cost us a bit. This is more costly than you might think as we would be renting an armored bullet proof bus. In order to get to the community where the event is happening you have to go by some hostile areas.

Thank you very much

Yehoshua ben Haym haYerushalmi
MKA Zachary Kessin Jerusalem, Israel IM:ZachKessin LiveJournal: zachkessin