[EAS] Carolingia's Festa de Michelangelo

Carolingia's Festa de Michelangelo is the proud sponsor of the King's and Queen's Arts and Sciences Championship

Saturday, 10 AM - 10 PM, March 6, 2010
Needham Presbyterian Church: 1458 Great Plain Avenue, Needham, MA  02492

Welcome to our fair Barony on the birthday of the great artist Michelangelo.
What more appropriate way of honoring the Master's natal day than a celebratory display of the arts and sciences created by the good citizens of the East Kingdom! Come enjoy a day of companionship, a heavy list tournament, a magnificent displays of creative arts, demonstations of games, a drawing parlor, a hearty day-board, a magnificent renaissance feast created by our own Master Luke Knowlton, and entertainment by some of Carolingia's finest musicians and storytellers.

These are the things you will find happening at the Festa:

  • Heavy List Tournament  with a contest for the most authentic fighter's kit!
  • The Arts and Sciences Championship, of course!
  • Displays and Demostrations by artisans who are not competing in the Championship.
  • The Drawing Parlor hosted by the Baroness Vairavi so you can practice drawing from a model.
  • A Hearty Dayboard laid out all day to keep you well fed and full of energy.
  • Court Baronial court followed by Kingdom court.
  • The Feast by our own Master Luke Knowlton.

More Information:
We will have tables for off-board.
We will have display space for artisans who would like to display their works without being entered in the Championship.

Info: Baroness Cassandra Boell von Bayer boell@comcast.net