[DRA] Coronation

Their Majesties ThorvaldR and Fiona King and Queen of Drachenwald, dread Lords of these lands, Dispensers of Justice, Paragagons of Virtue and Protectors of their people, will be crowning their illustrious Heirs.

All Shire of the Central Region invite all of the Kingdom of Drachenwald to join us for a celebration of renewal and continuity, as we witness the Crowning of the Heirs of Drachenwald.

Site: Bauspielplatz Roter Hahn, Bau und Geschichtsspielplatz Roter Hahn, Pommernring 58, 23569, Lübeck-Kücknitz.

Site opens Friday 6:00 pm and closes Sunday 2:00 pm.

If you arrive earlier please be discreet and contact the Eventcrew. (people who show up earlier be aware before 6:00 pm there are public activities on site)

Coronation will be a camping Event.

Restrictions: no parking on site, fire off the ground.The site is a little medival village, so there are animals like goats, sheep, horses and chicken. Mundane tents are allowed but will be hidden behind medival tents and medival houses.


By Car: Autobahn A1 to Lübeck, change into A226 to direction Travemünde, take exit Kücknitz, from there follow the SCA signs.

By train: train station Lübeck Kücknitz

By Airplane: Ryan air Airport Hamburg-Lübeck, you need 30 Min to the site

For those who need a pick up please contact the steward latest until May 11th

Prices & Fees
Per Person (not including food): 10,00€
Family cap (including 2 adults and all your children, but excluding food): 18,00€
Daytrip (not including food): 5,00€

Pick ups will require a small fee for petrol.

Food conditions:
Evening Soup: 2,00€ (only on Friday)
Breakfast: 3,00€ (two days)
Lunch: 4,00€ (on Saturday)
Feast: 10,00€ (Saturday evening)
Children from 5-16 Years pay the half price for all meals

The site is limited to approximately 150 people, so make sure to send your reservations as soon as possible.
Reservation period ends on June 4th

Please send your registration including all the necessary information to reservation@sca-germany.org or feel free to use the contact form as is provided here.

For further contact info please read the contact page

Reservation details
(for those submitting their reservations via e-mail please ensure it includes all of the following)

SCA Name:
Legal Name:
Society-Member: Yes / No

(Please bring your membership card or another proof of your membership, we'll have to check it)
Booking information: Daytrip or complete event? How many people do you book for? Family cap? Evening soup(Fr): Yes/ No Breakfast(Sa+Su): Yes/ No Lunch: Yes/ No Feast: Yes/ No Please be as precise as possible to prevent unnecessary queries.
Contact e-mail (so we can confirm your reservation):
Contact phone number (in case of emergencies):
Any dietary requirements (particularly meat/non-meat eater):
Special needs for accommodation (accessibility, privacy for small children, etc.):
Will you bring your own Tent? Yes / No       Size m*m with ropes
Do you need crash-space? Yes / No
Do you require pickup service? Yes / No

If you want a pick-up, please send the reservation steward your travel arrangement details
(i.e. train arrival/departure times), as soon as you know them.
For more information about pick-up please have a look at Travel Information. We will only provide pickups from Lübeck Airport or Kücknitz train station.

Send your e-mail to reservation@sca-germany.org 

The only real reservation is a PAID reservation!
Payment instructions will be sent for those who have made a reservation.
Please note that your reservation will only be considered as a firm reservation after receipt of your payment. This also means that you are expected to pay in advance.
(For those who have no access to euro transfers we will also accept copies of a confirmed purchased travel itinerary)

Cancellation policy
If you cancel your registration after payment and before June 4th, complete reimbursement is possible. Ask your reservation steward to arrange details.
If you cancel your reservation after June 4th, you can only get your food money back.
If you cancel after June 11th, we unfortunately cannot reimburse you at all. This also counts for Day Trips.

Event Steward:
Lord Nandolf von Biuira
Mail: nandolfvonbiuira@gmx.de

Co Steward:
Meisterinne Eleanora von Ratzeburg
Mail: elevonratzeburg@aol.com

Frau Anna Syveken
Mail: reservation@sca-germany.org

Head Cook:
Lady Filippina de Angelo