Missouri License Plate Design Online

Residents of the Kingdom of Calontir who live in the state of Missouri may design their personalized "Kingdom of Calontir" license plates online. The "Show Me" state of Missouri allows its residents to order specialized license plates for their vehicles. SCA members living in the state campaigned and won the right to include the "Kingdom of Calontir" as one of the choices. Now the state's Department of Revenue has a website where residents may design and order their specialized plates online.

Once on the website, scroll down to "Select Design Category." From the drop down menu, choose "Organizational." From the next menu, select "Kingdom of Calontir." Type your personalization into the box provided and the site will show you how your plate will appear.

Calontir Licence plates

This is totally cool!!!! Wish I could get an Atenveldt one!

Re: Calontir Licence plates

Me too! I'm considering checking with the DMV to see what it would take to get the Midrealm listed as an organization in Ohio.