Fighting and archery at Gulf Wars XIX

THL Egil Haraldsson, Rangemaster for Live Weapons at Gulf Wars XIX, offers announcements regarding tournaments, at the upcoming War.

His Lordship writes:

Lords and Ladies,

We are excited about some of the events happening at Sherwood Range during Gulf Wars 19. We will have some new items and some returning. We have changed the Grand Exhibition Tourney (GET) so that we can raise the level of the challenge. Please pass this information on to any and all Kingdom Boards you may be on. We would like to see a large turnout for the GET. Also make sure you let all of your new archers know that this year they too will have a chance at making the GET and will have a chance to win the Gleann Abhann Prize Series (Fun Shoots) Grand Prize on Friday. We wish to get the newest archers invloved an make it exciting for the experienced archers. We have some interesting shoots lined up.

As always the range could use the assistance of all Marshels. Even if you can only give an hour or two. Please visit the range and take the line so that others may get a rest or go and complete a class. The Range staff thanks you in advance for your time and efforts.

The Thrown Weapons will also have the Freya's Throw on Wednesday. It is an all Female Tourney but we can use the assistance of the Lords in Marshalling the range. If you have your warrent please assist as you can. The range will also be holding MIT Training each morning from 8:00 am to 9:00 am. If your interested in becoming a GA Marshal or want to learn the basics to take home please visit the range in the mornings.

Below is the information on the GET and the Prize Series. Please pass this information on to all the archery groups and Kingdom groups.

Thank you very much, we look forward to you visiting the range during Gulf Wars.

Yours in Service,
Sherwood Range Staff
THL Egil Haraldsson

Gulf Wars 19 (2010) Grand Exhibition Tournament

This year's Grand Exhibition Tournament will put Kingdom against Kingdom and Archer against Archer. Allies of Trimaris will shoot against Allies of Ansteorra. Each Kingdom represented at Gulf Wars may put together a two Archer team to represent the Crown of that Kingdom. The team must consist of at least one acceptable standard SCA bow (Recurve, Reflex/Deflex or Longbow). There will be three rounds; the first will see allies against allies, the second will have individual Kingdom teams shooting against each other, and the final round will have individual archers shooting for Best Archer of the GET.

There will also be the Gleann Abhann Prize Series. The top Two archers from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's Fun Shoots will get a automatic invite into the GET (Should an archer win on more than one day the next archer will advance). There will also be two Wild Card Shooters drawn. This will allow our Newest Archers a chance to stand on the field with each Kingdom's best. Teams will be chosen by lot from those advancing from the Prize Series. What better learning experience for our future Prized Archers. So, archers, practice your craft, Kingdoms, select your Two-Archer Teams, and meet us on Hastings Field, Thursday at 3:00 pm or after the last battle is completed. We shall be setting up by the Fort.

 ***(NOTE)*** Each Kingdom-selected, two-person team must consist of either two archers
or one archer and one crossbowman/ woman. No two-crossbow teams. Each team should have a Field Herald to represent them. The herald should find fun or interesting ways to introduce the team they represent. There will be a judging of the Heralds by their Majesties (or their representatives) . There will be a scroll given at Great Court for the Best Herald and for the Overall Winner of the GET. There will also be a very nice prize for the Overall winner of the GET given out at Great Court. (Note) Those who win their way into the GET by winning the GA Prize series or selected by lot as one of the Wildcard Teams, should find suitable Heralds to introduce them or may find such assistance via a volunteer Herald from Heralds Point.

Gleann Abhann Prize Series (Fun Shoot)

The GA Fun shoots will be held at 4:00 pm each day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. There will be two divisions, Standard SCA Bow (Recurve, Reflex/Deflex and Longbows) and a Crossbow Division. The first three days, 1st and 2nd place winners from both divisions will put their name in a hat and the team will be drawn by lot. Should an archer win more than one day the next archer will advance to the GET. Everyone who shows up at the range and participates in the Fun Shoots will have their name put into a Jar, Bucket or Box, whatever we have. Winners of each day's shoot will have their name added twice more to the jar and the 2nd and 3rd place winner will each have their name added once more. The Grand Prize will be drawn on Friday evening after the last shoot and all names have been put into the jar. This will allow the newest archer a chance to win the Grand Prize, which has normally been a very nice prize. So come down to the range at 4:00 pm and have fun shooting at some very interesting and challenging targets, meet some of the Known World's finest archers, and have a chance to win the Grand Prize on Friday