[ANT] Almost-Spring Grand Ithra

The Shire of Shittimwoode will once again be host to an Ithra of Grand Proportions at Western Washington University's Communications building.

Saturday, March 13, 2010, 9AM to 6 PM
Sunday March 14, 2010, 9 AM - 6 PM
Western Washington University
Chancellor & Registrar:  Elewys of Finchingefeld klostheller@verizon.net

We will be having 11 full tracks of classes on Saturday, and 9 or so on Sunday. There are many great hands-on classes, several of them new to Ithra!  There's a little something for everyone and promises to be a lot of fun!

The goal is to have registration ready in the next day or two--we have a small delay ensuring that all the information is complete & accurate. Keep checking the Ithra web site for registration information, and I will post to the lists when it is ready.

When classes are ready to go, register on the Ithra webpage if you haven't already done so. If you have taken Ithra classes before, you should have a file in the database--search for your mundane last name(s) before creating a new file. There is a registration fee, but no additional site fee. When you register for classes, your registration fee will be added automatically on the Ithra website. No non-member surcharge (NMS) will apply, though everyone will need to sign in on a waiver at gate on the day of the event.

There are a number of restaurants and a large grocery store within minutes of the site (nothing within walking distance, however), and the Shire will provide some snacks and drinks by donation (please be generous).