17th Annual Punkin Chunkin November 1-3

Rehoboth Beach, DE will once again play host to the World Championship Punkin Chunkers, a yearly contest to determine how far a pumpkin can fly. The first Saturday after Halloween, Chunkers from around the world gather at Rehoboth Beach, DE to test their amazing array of cannons, siege engines, trebuchets and the like, determined to throw a pumpkin farther than ever before and thus claim the title of Champion Chunker. Last year's winner, Joe Thomas, fired a pumpkin 3911.02 feet.

According to former president Bill Sharp, the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association was founded not only to "promote the concept that a pumpkin can fly," but to celebration "backyard ingenuity." In addition to the fun that they have, the Chunkers support various non-profit organizations and "present scholarships for higher education, in the fields of Engineering, Agriculture, Mechanical Technology and Sciences."

Medieval siege engines provide inspiration for many Chunkers, especially the trebuchet, which seems to be a popular design. Their website includes pictures from last year's event.