New merchant: Paternoster Ladies opens its doors online

Paternoster Ladies recently opened their new online shopping portal, using the Etsy e-commerce hosting provider.

Paternoster Ladies produces one-of-a-kind handmade medieval rosaries, paternosters and chaplets for sale. Their line uses historically available materials to create items inspired by medieval sources such as museum examples and artwork of the time period. Many of their raw materials come from upcycling antique and vintage beads and findings, and the results are pure heaven.

“We are keeping our minds open to adding new types of products in the future,” says PL’s founder, Grace Martin. “As we become better known, we plan to look towards offering an entire line of historically accurate jewelry. For now, our customer may be quite surprised to find all sorts of treasures popping up on PL. Our special group of “paternoster ladies” have been crafting for years, and have many intriguing items available.”

According to Ms. Martin, Etsy was chosen as the host as it is a positive, friendly site that had a strong pre-existing re-enactment community.  Paternoster Ladies has introduced new products almost daily since opening, and has found the people on Etsy very welcoming.

Paternoster Ladies is physically located in Southeastern Michigan, USA.

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