[WES] Heraldic Gathering in Southern Shores

On Saturday, February 27, 2010 Southern Shores will be hosting a Heraldic Gathering at His Grace, Duke Cariadoc's home to assist as many as we possibly can to create submissions to the College of Heralds for their Devices and SCA names.

We are inviting heralds of all skill levels, artists to aid in making a vision reality, cooks and technologists to lend support of food and scanners and printers and computers. If you have specific knowledge or skill in heraldic matters we are most eager to welcome you.  If you have reference books on period names or armory please bring them, (marked to indicate ownership).
While Southern Shores is hosting this Heraldic Gathering, we are specifically inviting any and all that are able to travel to our shores.

The event will be from 11am  to 7pm on February 27 at 3806 Williams Road, San Jose.
Please email me at seneschal@southern-shores.net if you have any questions or plans or intentions regarding this event.

If you do not have a registered (SCA) name or device, please come so we can assist you in the creation of a name and device that fits you and will be unique and compliant with the heraldic rules of the SCA.  Please note, you do not need to have earned any award before you can register names or devices, but if you have earned an Award of Arms, Patents, Peerage or any other
armigerous award, having a properly registered name and device will enable the Scribes to create a scroll for you. It is by your SCA name your awards shall be tracked and it is fun to have a
device to place upon a banner, shield or your other possessions as you desire.

I suggest you go to the West Kingdom Submissions Portal to help you prepare for the event.  I suggest you to also please prepare by considering those aspects of your name and desired
device which are most important to you, for there are rules that the College of Heralds must comply with, including that each must be sufficiently unique, so you may need to modify your
original visualization so that the result will still fit you well. If you have documentation concerning your desired name, and its period nature, please bring it with you (including the identification of the source, such as title & author, or URL). 

Be aware that a submission for a registered name and device cost a nominal "$6 per item (a Name submission is one item, and a Device submission is a second item. If you submit a name and a device at one time, the total fee is $10, rather than $12."

Another resource for people to use in pursuit of registering aheraldic device and SCA name:
ONLINE HERALDIC CONSULTATION wkheralds_consults@yahoogroups.com
conducted by the West Kingdom College of Heralds under the supervision of the Latimer Herald
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Send your questions to wkheralds_consults@yahoogroups.com.
Images may be posted to the Files section of the group, or posted elsewhere and referred to by URL.

Consulting Heralds and interested students:
Respond to questions when and at the level you are comfortable, or just read if you prefer. Please be courteous, avoid esoteric jargon, explain your reasoning and cite the heraldic rules and
precedents as appropriate. If you have questions, ask the group or contact Latimer at