[WES] Warrior's Gate Spring Coronet

Spring Coronet for the Palatine Barony of Warrior's Gate.

Date - set in stone for April 3rd and 4rth.

Reason - determine the next Palatine Baron/ess, by way of Arts and Sciences tournament. Expect to be shanghaied into judging, Marixsa and I can help if you feel unqualified.

The Arts will definitely happen on the Saturday, as some people are coming for that reason alone, and may have to leave on Sunday.

As for the categories for the A and S, as long as they are reasonably distinct, it's all good. We will even CREATE a category for you if needed - maybe you wrote a wonderful treatise on the history of toilet paper? We will make a category for you, something like Health Sciences - practical.

Fighting - opposite the A and S tournament, we have a heavy tourney to determine a Baronial Champion. (In the Fall Fighting tournament, the opposite is supposed to happen - an A and S Champion.)

Place - Tokyo. 80% chance of it on Zama, and I hope I can know for sure by the end of the month as I need to submit the Event Copy to Kingdom. IF for some horrible reason, Zama doesn't come off, it may happen at Tintagel.

Things we are not thus far sure of - Camping vs Hotel on Zama?

Will we do the Heavy Tournament as a partial demo? (Zama has an Open-base day Cherry Festival that weekend).

Dancing will happen, because I LOVE dancing.

Right, I think that is it for now,.