[ATL] Storvik's Performer's Revel

Tired of snow? Interested in an intimate, very old school event where everyone gathers around the hearth and entertains each other while the smells of wondrous food delight the senses?  Then Storvik's Performer's Revel on February 13th is made for you!  Doors open at noon.

NOTE!  The Baroness will be selecting the Storvik Baronial Bard at this event.  His Excellency will be absent at the Estrella Wars and Her Excellency will be the sole determiner (bwahahahha!).

An event by performers for performers, a traditionally small event with a very big heart and even bigger feast.  Everyone performs something - a song, a poem, a dance, play an instrument, a puppet show. Master Igor Medved will once again demonstrate that cooking is a performance art.  The only cost is for the feast, $12 - and it is imperative that Master Igor know how many he
will be feeding into submission. Please pre-register with our reservationist:  Lady Tirzah MacCrudden  E-mail: chatelaine@storvik.atlantia.sca.org  Checks made to: SCA, Inc., Barony of Storvik

If you have any questions about the feast, please contact Mistress Fevronia at owlharp@juno.com 

NOTE BENE: small children may find the need to sit quietly rather tedious, so parents may want to make appropriate childcare arrangements.

We look forward to seeing all while we sing away the darkness and await the return of warm weather.