Illora von Neunhoff to sit vigil at Estrella XXVI

Mistress Magdalen Venturosa reports that Lady Illora von Neunhoff will sit vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Pelican February 13, 2010 at Estrella War XXVI.

Mistress Magdalen writes:

Greetings One and All attending the Glorious SCA Family Reunion known as
Estrella War XXVI !

I am pleased to announce on Saturday, February 13, Lady Illora von Neunhoff
will sit vigil and seeks audience with any gentle lord or lady who
would speak with her as she contemplates elevation to the Order of the

The Vigil will begin at 8 pm until the wee hours and will take place at the
Teen/Youth/Children's Pavillion as Illora is the Youth Minister for this
War and it is well known a great deal of her service has been to and for the
Children of the Society.

The Vigil site will be DRY until the hour of 10:30 pm when the teen center
will close for the evening.  The Vigil will continue thereafter as WET and
Period containers are preferred.

There will be fingerfoods and hot beverages provided to help stave off the
chill of the evening as well as firepits and space heating to provide
everyone comfort as they wait to speak with this dear lady.

On Sunday, 5:00 pm, at the Atenveldt Estrella War Court, Illora will present
herself with answer to TRM Atenveldt.  We bid you join us to bear witness
and share in this most auspicious occasion.

If I may be of assistance, please address any questions to me and I will do
my best to answer by email before I arrive on site Friday the 12th.  On site
you may get word to me at Aten Royal Encampment or I look for me at the
vigil following Grand Court on Saturday night.

On behalf of my dear protege', I bid you Good Cheer and a hearty Thank You!

At Your Service,

Magdalen Venturosa, OP

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