[ANT] Grand Thing V

The Barony of Stromgard and the Village of Bjorgvin invite you to come and join our fires this Memorial Day Weekend at the 5th Annual Grand Thing.

We welcome their Majesties of AnTir as they join our fires to preside over the change of the Baronial seats of Stromgard. As in years past this family friendly event will offer something for everyone.  A few highlights are listed below:

  • Join the Village of Bjorgvin, at the setting of the sun, for the annual Meet and Greet celebration and say thank you to their Excellencies of Stromgard for all of their hard work as they step-down from the Baronial seat.
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of good friends at the grand potluck feast and join in as the Law speaker presides over the All Thing
  • Test your mettle on the battle field by fighting in the Multi-weapons Tournament, the Memorial Great Axe Tournament, the Monastery Raid (where you keep what you escape with), and a Domination Tourney
  • Vie to be the next baronial Archery or Equestrian Champion
  • Revel in the skills of the US Equestrian Archery team  ( They are offer classes for those whom wish to learn!!!)
  • Enjoy thrown weapons competitions, Nordic games, a Bardic Circle, fire dancers, and much more.
  • Learn about Nordic Viking Age and Irish arts through arts and sciences classes
  • Vie for the esteemed titles of “BestGarb for your Station" or "Best Hospitality" see website for specifics
  • Many activities for teens and children:
  • Saturday night teen dance at Bairnhalla,
  • Children’s Grand Thing luncheon Saturday at noon in Bjorgvin, and much more
  • Attend the Royal Court of Owain and Wrenn and the final court of Their Excellencies Reginleif and Arnsbjorn as they give accolades to deserving gentles

Everyone is invited to the Great Hall withlimited seating for 500 to attend a Grand Feast Saturday night.  This feast is a pot-luck with contributions divided by modern last name: A-F: Bread/Cheese; G-L: Side Dish or Vegetables; M-S: Main Dishes; T-Z: Deserts/Fruits (please bring enough for 10 or more people).

After the feast we will be holding a traditional Norse “Thing”, a gathering where laws are made and conflicts are resolved. This ‘Thing’ re-enactment is to present how Nordic law governed their culture.
Fantastic prizes are offered for all events and contests. 
Merchants are welcome with a donation of your choice to the prize chest.
Pre-registration is available at the event website
The first 500 to pre-register will receive commemorative pewter tokens.
Site opens 12PM on Friday closes 1PM Monday.
Site fee: Adults-$15.00 (add $3 for non-members), Children 12-17 $5.00, under 12 free, Family Cap $40, day-pass $8.00. 
Make checks payable to: Barony of Stromgard. 
We will have equestrian activities (including the start-off of the Baronial Championship season) and an equestrian live steel demo.  The equestrian area is a groomed, out-door arena with indoor stalls for the horses (no stall or haul in fees).  If you are bringing horses please contact Countess Miranda at brothers@pacifier.com
We have large tracts of land for camping and we are adding porta-potties for the camp area.  Large groups contact Landocrat HL GaeiRa at mywildchild_2000@yahoo.com.
Merchant fee: A donation of your choice to the prize chest.  Ten 10’ x 10’ permanent shop stalls available for $10 each, on a first-come first-reserved basis. Please contact the Merchant coordinator Bjolli at Mistymeg@aol.com
Autocrat: Finnr Skeggason (Dave Hulegaard), finnr01@comcast.net
Co-Autocrat: Sgt. Ivon Drengr (Jerry Barber), gebarber2001@yahoo.com
Directions: Columbia County Fairgrounds, 58892 Saulser Rd, St. Helens OR97051 www.columbiacountyeventcomplex.com  From North take I-5S to Longview WA, cross bridge into Oregon, go south on Hwy 30 (past milepost 28) to St. Helens, turn right on Gable Rd in front of the Safeway store, follow the signs to the site.  From South take I-5 to Hwy 30, go North on Hwy 30 (past milepost 27) to St. Helens turn left on Gable Rd in front of the Safeway store, follow the signs to the site.