Joan of Arc "relics" trace to ancient Egypt

Devotees of Joan of Arc were disppointed recently to learn that relices of Joan of Arc, overseen by the Archbishop of Tours in Chinon, France, are not only fake, but actually the "bones of a human and a cat tracing back to ancient Egypt."

A team of experts participated in the study, which will be published in Forensic Science International. They found that the bones "consist of amummified cat leg bone and human rib, both dating to the 6th-3rd century B.C."

The hallowed "relics of Joan of Arc" appear to be nothing more than the bones of a human and a cat tracing back to ancient Egypt. The bottle which contained the "relics" surfaced in the mid 19th century and was labeled  "Remains found under the pyre of Joan of Arc, maiden of Orleans."

"The question remains of why there was an interest in manufacturing a historical forgery during the 19th century, especially one concerning Joan of Arc," the researchers wrote, wondering if the forgery surfaced for political reasons in order to tap into her legacy.

"Or is it only an act of hoax," the researchers asked, "a joke of a medical student who would have been taken much too seriously?"