"How serious can you be dressed in a kilt?"

Bystanders came face to face with the Middle Ages recently at Machado Elementary School in Lake Elsinore, California. Justin and Ashley Katz of San Jose decided to give the activities a try. "I've never used a bow before, but it's just something I've always wanted to do," Justin said. "It seems fun and the people are extremely nice. I think I'll be back." The Morgan Hill Times has the story.

"Most of us remember the day we started, so most of us are happy to help out a newcomer. In the end, this is all about learning everything we can do and build. Anything you want to learn, there is someone here that could teach you," said Juan Santiago, baron for the local chapter of the SCA, known as Darkwood.

"I could care less about the score. I'm just out here to have fun," said archer David St. Rose, 28, from Santa Rosa. "I mean, really, how serious can you be dressed in a kilt?"