[DRA] Drachenwald Crown Tourney

The Canton of Poukka is proud to invite each and every one to witness or participate in Drachenwald’s Spring Crown Tourney!

Site: Ahtela youth camp in Sauvo in Southern Finland, an hour’s drive east of Turku (street address Ahtelantie 21, Sauvo). The site is in our exclusive use and consists of a dining hall building, a service building with saunas and showers and six accommodation buildings spread in the woods, within walking distance from the hall. Some cabins have facilities in a separate building nearby, but all toilets are wcs. Some buildings on the site are handicap accessible.

The site can fit 120 guests, most of which will get a bed. Many of the beds are double (queen) in size, so when reserving you will be asked whom (if anybody) you are willing to share a bed with. Crash space will be allocated when we run out of beds.

If we get more than 120 reservations, there will be a waiting list.
*Please observe that this also means that we can turn you away at the door if you show up without a reservation!*

Reservation: Please make your reservation with a reservation form on the event website. (Link to form will be here as soon as the form is up)

Costs and payment:

All inclusive, members: 38 eur
All inclusive, non-members: 41 eur


Site fee, members 20 €
Site fee, non members 23 €
Feast: 10 €
Meal package: 8 € (snack Friday evening, 2 breakfasts and 1 lunch)

Children’s rates: 0-5 years free, 6-11 years pay half the price, over 12 years pay the whole price. Children get members’ rate if parent/guardian is a member.

Day trip fees:

Sitefee member: 5 euros
Sitefee non member: 7 euros
Meals avaliable for daytrippers are lunch and feast. Lunch costs 2 euros and feast is avaliable to the same price as for weekend visitors (10 euros).

Daytrippers are also subject to the payment rules for the event. That means the registration and payment for the event has to be done at latest the 26:th of March to avoid the 7 euro late fee. Also observe that we will have a limitted amount of seats for daytrippers at the feast. Information about how many we can seat will be published here when we have the final number.

Late fee: 7 eur. Last day to reserve without late fee is March 26. Finnish residents also have to pay by March 26 to avoid the late fee.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel your reservation after March 26, you can only get your food money back. If you cancel after April 1, we unfortunately cannot reimburse you at all. If you have a reservation and neither cancel, pay nor come to the event, we will charge you all costs according to your reservation at the regular prices, including a handling fee of EUR 3.

Payment goes to Kotkan keskiaikaseura, account 106930-224261. We appreciate it if guests from abroad can do an electronic transfer in advance, but cash payments in euros are accepted at the door without late fee.

Travel information: The nearest airport is Turku (TKU) and pickups/dropoffs from there will be provided. You can also take a ferry from Stockholm to Turku. If you fly to Helsinki airport (HEL), you’ll have to take a bus from the airport to the city of Salo for pickup. Each pickup/dropoff costs 5 euros per person (i.e. 10 euros return) and has to be booked at least a month in advance. See the event website for more detailed travel information. Unfortunately we can only promise pickups for people coming from abroad, Finns will be accomodated if there’s space.

Autocrat: Katheryn Hebenstreitz
hebenstreitz (atsign)gmail.com

Marshal-in-charge: Sir GrimR Hvitulfsson UlfhamR

Head Cooks: Lady Jolanda de Meyre and Signy Markusardottir