Hugh and Theresa Invested in Stormhold

At the recent investiture, Sir Hugh and Lady Theresa became the new Baron and Baroness of Stormhold in the Kingdom of Lochac. In a message to the Lochac Kingdom list, Baron Gwynfor Lwyd wrote:

Stormhold now has a new Baronial couple, as Sir Hugh and Lady Theresa were invested on Saturday night. I think attendance was about the 180 mark, and I would especially like to thank those who came so far to make the evening memorable. Their Majesties, and entourage, of course, and the plethora of journeyers from Rowany, Politarchopolis, Borderscros, Innilgard (especially to the Baron and Baroness Innilgard), Arrowsreach and Cairn Faill added to the numbers of Stormholders, filled the hall with merriment and stories, and I hope appreciated the hospitality of the Barony.

As with any event, there are many to thank. Firstly, Master Thorfinn Hrolfsson, who stewarded the event for the 5467th consecutive year (well, it seems like it), and to Lady Helga and Baroness Gwir and the veritable slew of helpers in the kitchen who started work at 7am on Friday, pre-prepped until 10pm Friday night, and then were back in the kitchen at the hall just before 9am on Saturday. Stevie's venison was a stand out in a repast where every dish was painstakingly researched and recreated. The sotelties, both created by Baroness Gwir, with the fantastic aid of Lady Helga and Lady Aranghell especially, and processed in by the Krae Glas massed choir (plus ring-ins from as far away as Calontir, thanks Pippa!) were works of art. Mistress Elspeth, Lady Emma, Baron Rudolf, Lady Sara, Mistress Nicolette, Stevie, Lady Aelesia, Baron Karel, THL Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale and Lady Siban (on holidays from Drachenwald), Lord Sui Zo, Countess Portia, Waldo, Lord Sasha, Lady Bethany, Lord Ulvar, Lady Osanna and others worked hard in concert with many others to bring the evening to life from the recesses of the kitchen. I know there were many who helped out with dishes, cleaning up and other bits of preparation, and yet others who offered to assist, but were reluctantly turned away because the kitchen was so well run that their assistance was not needed, though the offer appreciated. They also are deserving of praise. Their Excellencies, along with Lord Eoghan, Lord Rauf and Lord Conan in particular, decorated the hall and contributed to the smooth running of the tight and busy schedule.

Lord Morgan ap Idris and Liz, along with Master Thorfinn, were observed to be the last to leave the site, still being there when I departed at approximately 2am (I think... it was all a bit fuzzy by then).

To the humbling number of people who worked together to contribute to the utterly fantastic clothing Gwir and I were arrayed in on the evening, our personal, heartfelt and awed thanks. To Nadia, Thomas, Siban, Nicolette, Aelesia, Rudolf, Osanna, Sasha, Elspeth, Yvette, Emma, Teffania, Eryka, Yvonne Yvette, Gwir, Cormac, Portia, Tristan, Aranghell, and more still, to see the gorgeous items you produced with your hands, inspired by your hearts, to show your appreciation was overwhelming, awing, and humbling. For me, the work you all did to show your friendship and respect for Baroness Gwir was the best gift I could have been given on the night. And to those who worked with us as Baronial Household, Nannies, and Guard also go our gratitude.

Their Majesties recognised the works of Their subjects in the following manner: Rauf le Brewer and Indrani Ma had well earned Awards of Arms bestowed upon them. Yvonne Yvette de Plumetot was again recognised for her excellence in the Arts and Sciences with membership in the Order of the Golden Lily Karel of the Three Isles (to tumultuous acclaim!), Gwir verch Madog and Gwynfor Lwyd were made Barons/esses of the Court of Lochac.

We thank Their Majesties, too, for all they have done for us these past few months. They wear the Crowns with dignity, gravity, and fortitude, yet temper this stern countenance by having willing ears, a kind tongue and a gentle heart.

Gwynfor and Gwir, in their final court recognised the work of Sir Antoine le Reuvier and Lady Stanton with Baronial Commendations, Tristan with a Goutte de Pearl for her unbelievably immense load of work on the Baronial Carpet (over 30 gentles worked for over a year to create this artifact of beauty), Mistress Nicolette Dufay for service to the Barony with a Silver Drakkar, and Baron Rudolf von der Drau for being a paragon of grace, courtesy and chivalry with membership in the Order of the Gold Drakkar.

The winner of the year round A&S competition (12 major categories, and 12 minor over the course of a complete year), the Pearls of Wisdom, was announced, with Lady Emma de Lastone winning through her consistent and accomplished entries.

In the first Round of the new Pearls of Wisdom competition Lord Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale won the best underwear section, and Josephine Gambaro the Cooking herbs in Christmas dishes section.

To the constables, heralds, servers, clean-up crew, kitchen crew, gofers and all who made the evening a success go our thanks, and immense kudos. There will be those I have, in gross error, forgotten to mention. Accept my apologies for the oversight, and know that what you have done is gratefully acknowledged.

To Baron Hugh and Baroness Theresa, we proffer our best wishes for their tenure, and hope that the experience is as valuable to them on all kinds of levels as it was for us.


Baron Gwynfor Lwyd, OP
Azure, in chief in fess 3 frets couped Or