Pre-registration deadline for Estrella War extended to January 25

Dame Katharine of Cate Hall of the Estrella War XXVI Media Office, requests that those considering attendance at the upcoming War take heed of the words of Their Majesties of the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Their Majesties of Atenveldt have asked that this missive be distributed as widely as possible so that everyone may take advantage of the deadline extension.

Greetings from Eduard and Asa, King and Queen of these glorious lands of Atenveldt.

Estrella War: Two words that conjure up thoughts of that one of the great truths of The Society; that we are all family. Estrella War has been, for so many people around the Knowne World, where we meet for the first time, friendships are forever formed, and We pick-up previous conversations from years past as if they had never stopped. It is also for Our Society the singular event where we know that the vast majority of our SCA family will be journeying from all over to visit. It is Our Family Reunion. For many in the SCA no other event in the entirety of the Knowne World brings so much excitement or defines what the SCA is all about!

Her Majesty and I are aware that the world outside the SCA has been dark for many people. We are also very aware that it has been very difficult economically for many to Pre-register before the January 17th deadline. Since Estrella War is one place we can all come together as a Society, no a FAMILY, Her Majesty and I have asked the Autocrats for Estrella War to extend the deadline to January 25 in order to allow everyone the opportunity to save money by Pre-registering for the war.

In case you were needing some other reasons to Pre-register here are some of the great benefits to doing so:

  1. SAVE $20: The HIGHEST price you pay to Pre-register an Adult is $20 LESS than you pay at the gate for an adult, regardless of the day you arrive (ADULT MEMBER: Pre-reg=$65, Gate=$85, NON-MEMBER: Pre-register =$75, Gate=$95).

  2. Pre-registered people can get in a day earlier than people who pay at the gate (At 8:00AM, Monday, February 8, 2010, instead of Tuesday, February 9, 2010). So you pay LESS, but get in earlier!

  3. Pre-registrations can be transferred to someone else if you can't go at the last minute. So in the unfortunate event that your plans change, you can sell the Pre-registration to someone who is going, and they can use it.

  4. Front gate only accepts cash and traveler's checks, but you can Pre-register with a credit card!!

  5. The entrance line for Pre-registration is generally shorter, and always moves faster than the General Admission line. So you can get onsite and get your camp setup sooner when you arrive.

See all this information and the get the link to Pre-register online or go directly to Pre-register at ACCEPS.

Having difficulty paying the full amount at this time? We have an answer for you! Though this is not official Estrella War Policy it should be known that the war has a very liberal Pre-registration policy. If you can't pay the full adult price now you can make a deposit of sorts by Pre-registering as a Youth ($20) and they will let you pay the balance at the gate. Doing this will enable you to still get the Pre-registration rate.

Troll has informed me that they are already prepared for this at the gate. If you are an adult who Pre-registered as a Youth, to help speed up the process when you arrive at Gate, go straight to the cash registers and tell them there that you need to pay for a Youth to Adult upgrade. After you pay the difference take the receipt they give you and go get in line to pick up your Pre-registration packet.

We hope this information assists you in your plans to coming to Estrella War and we look forward to seeing all of Our Family there,

Eduard Rex
Asa Regina

posted by:

Estrella War XXVI Media Office
Dame Katharine of Cate Hall