[GLE] Mongol Plague

Shire Blackwood invites you to Mongol Plague January 22, 23, & 24, 2010

Mongols or the Plague, which could be worse for Western Europe? How about
both at the same time? Death randomly thins out the populace and Mongols
pillage the countryside. Avoid Death this year and try to collect treasure.

Activities: Classes on Basic Calligraphy, Honey - What's it Good For?,
A Brief History on the game of Chess and Medicines During the Time of the

A&S Competitions in costume, Brewing, Armoring, Jewelry, Leatherwork,
Woodwork, Armoring, (Preference will be given to Mongolian or items used in
the time of the plague.) Best Dressed Couple and  Best Severed Head.

A double-elimination tournament featuring the Wheel Of Misfortune  and the
Mongolian triathlon of archery, wrestling and horse racing.

Feast promises to be delicious! Feast Menu to be posted shortly.

Bed and feast spaces are still available!

We hope to see you there!
THLady Rebecka MacGillivray
Autocrat, Mongol Plague