Robert d' Ardrieu to Face Challenge in Free Scholar Prize Fight

Lords Caradoc de Tisbury, Nemet Arpad and Cernac of the Kingdom of Drachenwald have announced that Lord Robert d' Ardrieu will face three Free Scholars December 13, 2003. Caradoc de Tisbury, Nemet Arpad and Cernac write:

To the People of Drachenwald

The Academy of Fence of the Kingdom of Drachenwald, in the manner of the Ancient Schools of Defense of the Citie of Londone hereby announces and declares that the gentle,

Lord Robert d' Ardrieu

Having challenged for the position of Free Scholar must now play the Prize, facing three Free Scholars, on two occasions, with three forms of the rapier, in the upper chamber of Glen Rathlin, Yule Tide University on this 13th December, Anno Dominae 2003, at Four of the clocke, in the afternoone. This displaye of armes being open to all, thusly may this gentle showe his righte to join the Academy before all.

Thus say we, Lord Caradoc de Tisbury, Lord Nemet Arpad & Lord Cernac.

Vivat Drachenwald.


Just wanting to add that Lord Robert d' Ardrieu was successful in his Free Scholar Prize Fight.

Vivat Lord Robert d' Ardrieu, newest member of the Drachenwald Academy of Defence

Lord Caradoc