[OUT] Caer Galen A&S Exposition

The rush of the holidays have slowed down and we find that our Baronial Arts and Science Exposition is growing closer.

23 January 2010
9am – 6pm

The Unity Church of Boulder
2855 Folsom
Boulder, Colorado 80304

With the permission and kind benefice of their Excellencies, we wish to welcome you to the Caer Galen Arts and Sciences Academy, Exposition and Faire. The site is wet, but does not allow red food or drinks.

A pot-luck dayboard will be served. Please contact Jeanne-Marie Dubois if you will be bringing a dish to share

At the direction of their Excellencies, an Academy devoted to the arts and sciences shall be called into session, with lectors of various disciplines holding class upon diverse topics. A list of confirmed classes will be located on the website. If you wish to lector a class, please contact our Dean, Lady Cera to check for availability. List of classes to be posted soon

An exposition is a demonstration and display of talents and skills. This year's exposition shall be no different, with their Excellencies calling upon the baronies finest artisans and craftsmen to bring the results of their study and hard work for all to see what wondrous things are wrought in Caer Galen.

To further spur on individuals to greater feats of artistic prowess, we have the following : The Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion, Baronial Peers Challenge, and the Caer Galen Patronage Prize. To enter any of the competitions, please contact the Exposition Coordinator and current A&S Champion Lady Gwentliana by January 10th, 2010.

Faire :
Come to the great cold Faire of Caer Galen. While artisans dazzle with their works at the exhibition and our lectors enlighten at the academy, the faire offers to delight the senses, entertain the mind and lighten the purse. Not just a marketplace for trading uncompared, the Faire was a gala for those who came. We wish to recreate that atmosphere if for but a day. More could be said, but our Faire Master, Maestro Massimilliano, has sworn all to secrecy.

Are you a merchant? Would you like to participate in this unique and storied occasion? Please contact our Provost of Merchants, Lord Cornetin today to check for stall availability and details.

Event Steward and Staff:
Event Steward : Her Ladyship Jeanne-Marie Dubois (jeannary @ gmail.com)
Academic Dean : Lady Cera ingen Ronain (ajwilvert @ comcast.net)
Exposition Coordinator : Lady Gwentliana filia Iohannes (Gwentliana @ sol3.net)


From the South: Take I-25 to US-36 (exit will be on the left). Follow US-36 into Boulder; it will become 28th Street. Turn West (left) onto Valmont Rd. The church is on the southwest corner of Valmont and Folsom.

From the North: Take I-25 to 119. Follow 119 / Diagonal Hwy into Boulder. Turn South (left) onto 28th Street. Turn West (right) onto Valmont Rd. The church is on the southwest corner of Valmont and Folsom.

Site Fees:
Adult $10
Youth (6-12) $5
Child (5 and under) free NMS $3 per person
Family Cap $30 (does not include NMS)