[TRI] Cutlasses and Corsairs

Cutlasses and Corsairs & Castlemere's 33th Anniversary Presented by The Shire of Castlemere February 19-21, 2010

Site open Friday 4pm & closes Sunday 11am

Camp Immokalee
6765 Immokalee Rd.
Keystone Heights FL 32656

Theme: Late 16th Century:
What if the 4 superpowers of the day {England, France, Spain and The Dutch} were to meet for one weekend of peaceful fun and games?

Event Steward:
HL Andrew “Jinx” Jenckes

Feast Cook:
Lady Lucinda Vera Jenckes “Mama Jinx”

Event Fees:
Daytrip: $ 14
1 Night: $ 16
Weekend $ 25 > Note: this is a new reduced price then the one listed in Talewinds.
Children 7-12: half price!
Children 6 and under: free!
No Family to pay more than 3 event fees!
Non-Members add $3

Feast Fee:
* $ 8 and is limited to 100, includes: Friday Night Traveler’s Meal, Saturday Breakfast, & Saturday Feast.
* Lunch will be a fundraiser: $2 per plate to benefit St Jude's Children's Hospital
* Feast will be based on the 4 superpowers with English, French, Spanish and Dutch dishes.

Event Information
* Please make checks payable to: “SCA, Inc., - Shire of Castlemere”
* Pre-reservations should include a photo copy of the membership card if sent via mail; and include your driver's license number on the Front of your check.
* For your convenience print out the event pre-registration form and send it with your payment to Reservations: Event-Preregistration-Form.doc
* No animals except service animals.
* This is a dry site.
* Tenting and assigned cabins available, half of the cabins have central heat.
* Merchants are welcome - Please contact the Event Steward for further information.
* Minors not accompanied by parent or legal guardian must bring a notarized

Fighting Activities:
* Friday Night Torchlight Tourney - Heavy Weapons & Light Weapons
* Champion of Castlemere - Heavy Weapons Tourney
* Defender of Castlemere - Light Weapons Tourney
* Shield of Castlemere - Youth Combat
* Yeomen Of Castlemere - Archery Tourney
* Melees

Fun and Games:
* Children Activities
* Two Quests - one for children & one for adults
* Bard of Castlemere Competition - for Castlemere members only - rules
* Warrior Bard of Trimaris Competition - open to all in the kingdom - rules
* Classes
* Merchant's Row
* Annual 'Cornerstone of Castlemere' Announcement
* Delicious Feast featuring dishes from four lands
* Display of Castlemere Scrapbooks
* Masked Ball