Pictures from Nordskogen's 12th Night

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva, Chronicler of the Kingdom of Northshield, shares photos and memories from the recent Twelfth Night celebration.

Shava writes:

Though the weather was typically cold this past weekend, it was warm to be among so many friends. The day was full of so many activities that there was no way to be everywhere at once. Sometimes its better to concentrate on a few good conversations than to try to do a little of everything and that is what I did. In fact, Johann had to track me down because the conversations were so good I lost track of time and almost missed the Stallari meeting (sorry again, Your Majesties). Anyway, there were a lot of things going on but I certainly to get everywhere and see everything. Hopefully others will add sub-albums to the gallery to go along with some pictures that I put up along with some that Edwin put up.

You can find those pictures online. My photos end towards the end of the first half of evening court, though. I ran into some problems with my camera during Mikey's elevation ceremony. Edwin was very sweet and offered to lend me his awesome camera for the second half of court and when he sends me those pictures I'll get them posted and let y'all know.


Usual post-script: As always, for my pictures, feel free to leave comments and help me label the pictures, use any picture for SCA purposes, ask me to delete something if you don't like it via private message, or share with your friends and family.Also, please pass on the link to other lists if you wish.